Hinds County, Reaches Settlement with Labor Department on UO Lawsuit

Hinds County, Mississippi Reaches Settlement with Labor Department on Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

JACKSON — Hinds County, Mississippi recently accepted a settlement offer in an unpaid overtime lawsuit brought by the Department of Labor on behalf of dozens of workers for the County Sheriff’s Office. Last year, the county settled a civil suit with 155 officers and this latest settlement covers the federal action, which may include others who were not covered by the previous settlement.

According to reports, the county will need to borrow $450,000 to finance the settlement, about half of the estimate $1 million in back pay and attorney’s fees agreed to in the civil claim from last year. The County Board of Supervisors is expected to vote soon on the issue, bringing the case to a swift resolution sometime in early 2017.

The case began in 2012 when two corrections officers filed their unpaid overtime lawsuit against the county in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi alleging the sheriff’s office underpaid them and others. The judge overseeing that case granted the lawsuit class action certification, allowing dozens more officers to join the suit.

In the complaint, the plaintiffs claimed they worked in nonsupervisory positions at the county jail and were denied both overtime and compensatory pay when they left their positions. Fortunately for the the plaintiffs, the county began keeping accurate records of all the employees’ hours spent on the job and took concrete steps to prevent future wage theft.

The case is just another prime example of what many law enforcement officers across the country deal with when their employer underpays them for all their hard work. Often times, employers attempt to feign ignorance in an attempt to skirt responsibility, but the law holds these wrongdoers accountable nonetheless.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, workers can recover a maximum of two to three years of back wages and interest, attorneys fees, and other relief the court sees fit. Wage theft victims should contact an experienced unpaid overtime attorney about their case to discuss their legal options.

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