California Judge Re-certifies Minor League Baseball Players Class in Overtime Lawsuit

California Judge Re-certifies Minor League Baseball Players Class in Overtime Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES — A California federal judge recently reinstated class action status for hundreds of former minor league ball players in an unpaid overtime lawsuit accusing teams of failing to pay players all of their due wages, including overtime pay. The claim, originally filed in February 2014 in U.S. District Court for the District of Northern California, lists a multitude of alleged violations of federal and state labor laws, taking issue with long standing pay practices in semi-pro sports.

According to the claim, many minor league baseball players only earn approximately $1,100 per month while with their respective teams, a figure which does not include any pay for spring training or other off-season workouts. Currently, an estimated 2,000 players make up the class, though that number could grow significantly depending on how circumstances of the case turn out.

The judge hearing the case initially certified class action status for the unpaid overtime lawsuit in October 2015 but rescinded that status in July 2016 after defense attorneys argued the class members did not share similar enough experiences to warrant class action status. Fortunately for the plaintiffs, their overtime lawsuit attorneys narrowed the focus of the claim to satisfy requirements for class action status under federal overtime pay laws.

California Minor League Baseball Players Could be Entitled to Substantial Compensation

 While the case is far from settled, the judge’s ruling is significant as it gives plaintiffs a stronger position with their lawsuits together, rather than litigate claims individually. According to reports, plaintiffs narrowed their claims to include only work on-site with teams and excluded any winter workouts done on an individual basis.

By limiting the scope of the claim to work done with teams, plaintiffs will be better able to compare payroll records for claimants and avoid drawn out analysis for individual plaintiffs. The suit is one of several minor league unpaid overtime lawsuits filed across the country challenging how semi-pro athletes earn a living while trying to break through into the major leagues.

Athlete Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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