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Wage Theft in Call Centers is on the Rise

Call centers have been under a microscope lately due to a few companies who have violated various wage laws resulting in a loss in wages for their employees. Although most call centers play by the rules, the nature of the fast-paced and competitive business can sometimes lead to various wage violations.

Yelp Overtime Pay Lawsuit For Call Center Agents

SAN FRANCISCO — An overtime pay lawsuit was filed by Yelp employees against the company for unpaid wages. The Yelp call center gents worked a full-time schedule and were required to use Yelp’s computer networks, programs, and applications in order to perform their jobs.

Judge Gives Final Approval to Call Center Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES — A California federal judge recently gave final approval to a class action unpaid overtime lawsuit filed by former call center workers alleging that their employer forced them to work off the clock before and after their shifts as well as during lunch breaks.

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