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Yelp Overtime Pay Lawsuit For Call Center Agents

SAN FRANCISCO — An overtime pay lawsuit was filed by Yelp employees against the company for unpaid wages.  The Yelp call center gents worked a full-time schedule and were required to use Yelp’s computer networks, programs, and applications in order to perform their jobs.  However, the agents were required to perform off-the-clock work to boot-up their computers and software programs before their shifts, and to shut-down the computers after their shifts.  The agents were not paid for their off-the-clock work, which amounted to 10 to 25 minutes of unpaid work per day.

Under Federal wage and hour laws, the failure to pay for off-the clock work constitutes a violation of overtime pay laws.  Companies and employers are required to pay employees for all work time, including time spent just before a shift and just after a shift.

Many call center jobs require agents to do work in preparation of their shift and at the conclusion of their shift, but do not count that time towards hours worked during the shift.  In the Yelp case, the off-the-clock work caused many agents’ weekly time to exceed 40 hours per week.  As a result, they were required to be compensated at 1.5 times their regularly hourly rate.

The Yelp overtime lawsuit seeks payment of lost overtime wages for the call center workers.  Additional time includes a demand for liquidated (double) damages, attorneys’ fees, and costs.  All current and former hourly call center agents who worked for Yelp, Inc. in the United States at any time after June 9, 2014 through the present date are eligible for the case..  If you or someone that you know qualifies for the Yelp overtime lawsuit, you should contact our attorneys immediately so that you can join the case.

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