Call Center Workers File Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

Call Center Workers File Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

NEW YORK — A group of call center workers recently filed an unpaid overtime lawsuit against their employer alleging they were forced to work off the clock and are owed back wages as a result.

It is the second such lawsuit filed against the Arkansas-based Harte-Hanks call center in the last year alleging wage theft and questionable business practices.

The five plaintiffs involved in this latest suit against Harte-Hanks claims they were made to work off the clock before and after their shifts as well as on their unpaid lunch breaks. The defendant allegedly kept track of its workers payroll hours by monitoring their time spent on the company’s telephone system but failed to take into account several aspects of the work involved.

Employees allege they were unpaid for the 15 minutes it took to start up and log into the center’s telephone systems and launch computer software necessary to perform their duties. The complaint alleges supervisors told call center workers not to clock in more than two minutes prior to their scheduled time.

Furthermore, employees were automatically clocked out for their lunch breaks and at the end of their shifts which meant if someone was assisting a customer on the phone during that time the worker would be unpaid. Plaintiffs allege they were also given assignments during lunch and were often forced to work during their breaks without pay in order to complete these assignments on time.

Federal Overtime and Labor Laws

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers must employees which accurate recordings of all their hours worked. Record keeping in an important aspect of many unpaid overtime lawsuits and defendants often manipulate these records or use questionable practices to do so.

Under the FLSA, employers who knowingly violate recordkeeping and other provisions could be held liable to repay as many as three years of back wages, the most allowed under the Act’s statute of limitations. Additionally, defendants can be held responsible for attorney’s fees, court costs, and liquidated damages and penalties equal to the amount of unpaid wages.

Overtime Pay Lawsuits

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