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TPUSA, Inc. Agents File Overtime Lawsuit For Unpaid Off-The-Clock Work

Case type:  Unpaid Overtime for Off-the-Clock Work

Plaintiff: Jamella Rolle, et al.

Defendant: TPUSA, Inc.

Case number: 17-cv-14168

Judge: Middlebrooks

Location: U.S. Dist. Court for the Southern District of Florida

Facts of the case: Hourly call center agents were required to receive and respond to calls for their employer, TPUSA, Inc.  The agents worked a full-time schedule and were required to use TPUSA’s computer networks, programs, and applications in order to perform their jobs.  However, the agents were required to perform off-the-clock work to boot-up their computers and software programs before their shifts, and to shut-down the computers after their shifts.  The agents were not paid for their off-the-clock work, which amount to 10 to 25 minutes of unpaid work per day.

Describe overtime violation: Where the off-the-work caused the agents’ weekly time to exceed 40 hours, they were not compensated at 1.5 times their regularly hourly rate.

Damages claimed: Lost overtime wages, liquidated (double) damages, attorneys’ fees, and costs.

Who is eligible to join the lawsuit: All current and former hourly call center agents who worked for TPUSA, Inc. in the United States at any time during the applicable statutory period.

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