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Are speech therapists entitled to overtime pay?

Speech therapists may be entitled to overtime pay depending on whether they meet the requirements for an exemption, such as “learned professional” or the executive exemption if the therapist is performing professional therapist duties and is paid on either a salary basis or a fee basis, he or she may meet the requirements for the professional exemption.   If the speech therapist is paid on an hourly basis, then overtime rules may apply.  This is very similar to overtime pay requirements for a registered nurse.

If you are a speech therapist and worked more than 40 hours per week, your employer must pay overtime wages.   To find out if you are eligible for past and present overtime pay, you should contact our unpaid overtime lawyers now at (855) 754-2795 to learn more about your legal rights to receive the money you are owed for your time worked.  Our experience attorneys will evaluate your case and discuss your legal options with you.  We provide a Free Case Review and there are no legal fees or costs until you receive your settlement.

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