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New Report Puts Spotlight on Wage Theft at Los Angeles Warehouses

LOS ANGELES, CA — A recent news report out of NBC4 Los Angeles revealed the extent to which rampant wage theft takes place in many area warehouses, as well as details of other improprieties hardworking employees are subjected to by employers demanding more production. Many of the warehouses named in the report move and store merchandise from the Port of LA across Southern California for some of the country’s biggest retailers including Walmart, Target, and Home Goods.

One warehouse company in particular, Phoenix Warehouse of California, was singled out by the article over allegations that the company withheld overtime wages from workers who frequently put in as many as 13 to 15 hours per day moving merchandise. As more workers began to come forward with their own stories of working long hours for no overtime, the claims eventually grew into class actions that have spread across the industry.

According to the report, the warehouse workers were staffed by an outside agency but Phoenix effectively acted as an employer dictating the terms of the workers’ employment. Employees came forward to tell NBC4 they worked long hours with no breaks and some were even the victims of sexual advances by Phoenix managers who threatened termination for having their advances turned down by workers.

In addition to unpaid overtime, the workers claim their employers failed to furnish them with mandatory meal and rest breaks as required by California wage and labor laws. Under state laws, if workers cannot take their break for whatever reason, the employer must furnish the individual with an additional hour of regular hourly pay. Between missed meal breaks and unpaid overtime, the potential damages could swell if the class size grows large enough.

Sadly, these types of wage claims are all too common in an industry where warehouse companies staff their workforce from outside agencies but assume all control over workers. These are often known as “joint employers” situations where both the staffing agency and the warehouse companies exercise equal control over workers.

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