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Is there an overtime pay calculator to calculate my unpaid overtime wages?

Yes, there is an overtime pay calculator that calculates unpaid overtime wages. The Department of Labor FLSA Overtime Calculator Adviser provides a method for figuring out your overtime pay, but this does require legal analysis as well.

Once your number of overtime hours and rate of pay are determined, you generally calculate your rate of pay by multiplying your determined wage time one and a half, or 1.5 times your rate of pay.

Call our experience overtime pay attorneys today at (855) 754-2795 and we will determine if you are entitled to wages from your past or present employer. We will use our “calculator” to determine the amount of money you are owed from your employer. We will also represent you under a no win, no fee basis which means you pay no legal fees or costs unless you receive a settlement.  There are strict time deadlines for filing overtime lawsuits so it is important that you call today.

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