Miami Judge Rejects Rapper Birdman’s Motion to Dismiss UO Lawsuit

Miami Judge Rejects Rapper Birdman’s Motion to Dismiss Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit on Technicality

MIAMI — A Miami-Dade County Circuit Court judge recently rejected a motion from attorneys for rapper Birdman calling on the court to dismiss an unpaid overtime lawsuit on a technicality, claiming process servers failed to properly serve the claim on the entertainer. With that ruling, the plaintiff in the case can proceed with his $300,000 lawsuit claiming the rapper failed to pay wages for several years while living on the defendant’s estate.

In his motion, the plaintiff argued that process servers for the plaintiff improperly handed the complaint to a security guard at the rapper’s $15 million Palm Beach estate, a violation of Florida’s rules of civil procedure. The defendant’s attorney asserted that representatives for the plaintiff needed to deliver copies of the unpaid overtime lawsuit to someone actually residing in the home, not a groundskeeper, security guard, or other employee.

Fortunately for the plaintiff, the judge balked at the defendant’s argument and allowed the overtime lawsuit to proceed. The ruling is just the latest event in a saga dating back to 2015 when the plaintiff initially filed the suit, after withdrawing the complaint in February 2016 before filing a revised lawsuit in August 2016.

Plaintiff Claims Rap Star Never Paid Wages for Grueling Work

 According to the unpaid overtime lawsuit, the plaintiff lived on the Birdman’s estate for about two years, performing various domestic tasks for which he was never compensated, particularly overtime wages. In statements, the plaintiff claims he frequently worked 70-hour weeks but never saw any wages from the plaintiff.

The defendant claims the defendant was a so-called “hanger on” living on the property when purchased by the rapper in 2012. Furthermore, the defendant claims he initially had no knowledge the plaintiff even resided on his property and spent months attempting to evict the man from his estate. The plaintiffs suit asks for unpaid wages with interest, penalties, and attorneys fees to cover the cost of litigation under Florida state labor and wage laws.

Caretaker Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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