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Lancaster, Pennsylvania Man Files Class Action Overtime Pay Lawsuit on Behalf of Thousands of In-Home Nurses

LANCASTER — A Lancaster, Pennsylvania man recently filed a class action unpaid overtime lawsuit on behalf of himself and an estimate 22,000 other in-home nurses over allegations a state contractor committed rampant wage theft on the class. The lawsuit claims the defendant, PCG Public Partnerships, failed to pay the in-home nurses all their due wages, including overtime pay which should be calculated at one and a half times the plaintiff’s average hourly rate.

The lead plaintiff filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania claiming he worked up to 60-hours per week at the homes of several patients and needed to remain on call for others, all for only $11 an hour with no overtime. His duties included providing companionship, feeding, bathing, transportation, light housework, help taking medication and various other functions.

Before working for PCG Public Partnerships, the plaintiff was employed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. Those department employees and functions were eventually given over to the private state contractor based out of Boston. PCG Partnerships provides aid to seniors through Medicaid in conjunction with the department’s Office of Long Term Living Programs and the Office of Developmental Programs.

Defendants Failed to Pay Workers for Travel and Companionship Time

The overtime class action lawsuit claims PCG Partnerships only paid workers their regular rate of pay, no matter how many hours the employees spent on the job. The claim further alleges the defendant provided some back overtime wages, but only for two months and then provided limited overtime or incorrectly calculated overtime wages.

The defendant allegedly only paid overtime hours if employees worked more than 40 hours aiding a single client, not the total number of hours worked during the week on all clients combined. Furthermore, the defendant allegedly failed to compensate employees for the time spent traveling from one client’s residence to another or for all the hours spent providing “companionship” services to sick and elderly clients.

In-Home Nurse Overtime Pay Lawsuit

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