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Federal Judge Grants Preliminary Approval of $6.5 Million Overtime Pay Lawsuit

SCHENECTADY, NY — A federal judge recently granted preliminary approval for a $6.5 million settlement to resolve an unpaid overtime lawsuit brought by current and former assistant managers working for Schenectady, New York based Price Chopper grocery stores. The two sides agreed amongst themselves to the settlement a few months prior but required the consent of the judge hearing the case to finalize the resolution and compensate the hundreds of plaintiffs for their unpaid wages.

Under the terms of the settlement, most of the estimated 1,400 plaintiffs will receive approximately $2,200 as compensation for their unpaid wages while working as team leaders and assistant managers at various Price Chopper locations. Another smaller group of just over 300 plaintiffs who joined the case early on are expected to receive slightly higher compensation, estimated at almost $5,000 each.

Additionally, a few named plaintiffs, those who filed suit and attached their names to the litigation, are expected to receive even higher amounts of compensation. Those named plaintiffs are expected to receive an additional $10,000 on top of their compensatory damages as reward for their initiative and involvement to filing the claim.

In his preliminary approval to the settlement, the judge wrote the agreement “is a fair, reasonable, and adequate settlement of this case and in the best interests of the class members, in light of the factual, legal, practical, and procedural considerations raised by this case.” While parties in lawsuits can agree to the settle the matter at any time, class action cases like this overtime pay lawsuit often require a judge’s approval since many plaintiffs are automatically opted into the claim.

The unpaid overtime lawsuit, originally filed in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts, claimed Price Chopper illegally classified many team leaders and department managers as overtime exempt, even though these employees performed many of the same duties as hourly associates. The settlement is expected to cover employees working across stores in New York, Pennsylvania and New England.

Assistant Manager Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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