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Dialer Software Loading Overtime Pay Lawsuits

Call center employees and operators are often required to start dialer software on their computer at the start of the work day.  This dialing software loads slowly and even crashes a number of times before it is ready for use.  During this waiting time, many employees are actually working but are not getting paid overtime pay.

Many call centers do not pay overtime wages to employees for waiting for the dialer software to load on their computer.  It may not seem like much, but these extra minutes do add up to often more than 40 hours per week.  When this happens, the employer is required to pay overtime to the employee.    However, many companies refuse to pay this overtime pay or just fail to include the extra wages in the pay check.

Our unpaid overtime pay lawyers represent employees who are denied overtime wages from their employer.  If you believe your company owes you overtime pay, you need the help of one of our experienced attorneys.  It is important that you contact our law firm right away so that you may learn your legal rights and collect full compensation of all earned wages.

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