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Grocery Store Worker Files Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Against Harris Teeter

RALEIGH, NC — A worker for North Carolina-based Harris Teeter recently filed a class action unpaid overtime lawsuit against the company claiming that he and other key-holding supervisors across the country were cheated out of all their wages by the defendant. The claim alleges that Harris Teeter committed wage theft against possibly hundreds of current and former key holders, grocery managers, and assistant grocery managers who earn an hourly wage performing some supervisory work but did not receive overtime when working more than 40 hours in a week.

According to the plaintiff, who still currently works for Harris Teeter in the Raleigh area, the defendant committed rampant wage theft by automatically deducting 30 minutes from key-holder paychecks even when they worked through these breaks. The lawsuit claims the plaintiff would frequently be called to the from of the store to perform overrides on cash registers and assist in other customer service needs.

Additionally, the plaintiff claims that Harris Teeter did not pay him for work performed before and after his scheduled shift when he was required to drive to and from the store manager’s home to pick up and drop off store keys to perform his duties. As a result, the unaccounted for time added up to over 40 hours on the job per week and the defendant should have paid the plaintiff one and a half times the individual’s average hourly rate of pay for the time spent above the overtime threshold.

Furthermore, the overtime pay lawsuit alleges that the defendant failed to properly calculate overtime wages when paid because Harris Teeter did not take into account profit bonus pay given to certain workers when quotas were met. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers must calculate overtime pay based on all the employee’s earned wages, including bonuses, commissions, and other compensation when paying overtime. The complaint seeks to represent all similarly affected Harris Teeter workers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and the District of Columbia and recover all due wages on their behalf.

Shift Supervisor Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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