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Federal Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Company that Failed to Pay its Workers Overtime Wages

PITTSBURGH, PA — A U.S. District Court judge recently issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting Pennsylvania laundry company from transporting, shipping, or delivering goods across state lines if those goods were produced by workers who did not receive all their due wages under federal law. The temporary restraining order comes after an investigation by regulators with the Department of Labor determined that Central Laundry Inc. violated several provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) by not paying some of its employees minimum wage and overtime wages.

An investigation by the Labor Department’s wage and hour division found that Central Laundry, doing business as Olympic Linen and Liberty Laundry, bounced payroll checks and paid some employees in cash at rates below FLSA standards for several months. Furthermore, the government’s request for a restraining order included accusations a company manager threatened workers with a gun when confronted about underpayments.

“This rapid enforcement action will ensure that repeat offenders like Central Laundry are quickly held accountable for their lack of compliance, and will help level the playing field for other employers in the industry who pay their employees properly,” said Regional Solicitor Oscar L. Hampton III.

In conjunction with the restraining order to prevent Central Laundry and its owner from doing business and continuing its non-compliance with the FLSA, the Department of Labor is also pursuing action in federal court to recover unpaid wages for the employees. That action hopes to recover the unpaid minimum wage and overtime pay with interest for the workers involved and even recover liquidated damages equal to back pay.

Under the FLSA, wage theft victims can hire their own private overtime pay attorneys to file overtime pay lawsuits against employers committing wage theft. Like federal actions, FLSA lawsuits can recover back pay with interest, liquidated damages, and attorneys fees to cover the cost of litigation. Furthermore, an FLSA lawsuit can also impose an injunction on the company to take steps to prevent future wage theft.

Laundry Service Worker Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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