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California Nurse Files Class Action Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Against Hospital System

FRESNO, Calif. — A registered nurse in California recently filed a class action unpaid overtime lawsuit against her employer and the health care system operating the hospital where she worked over allegations that the defendants failed to properly compensate her and other workers. The lawsuit against CareMeridian, LLC and Mentor Management, Inc claims that the entities engaged in a systematic pattern of behavior to deprive the nurses of all their hard-earned pay, including overtime wages.

According to the class action overtime pay lawsuit, filed in Fresno County Superior Court, the plaintiff and other nurses frequently had to work through their mandatory 30-minute meal breaks because the defendants failed to adequately staff the hospital. Under California labor and wage laws, all workers must be given an uninterrupted 30-minute meal break immediately after their fifth hour on the job or else be compensated with an additional hour of regular hourly pay.

Furthermore, the plaintiff claims the defendants required nursing staff to work off the clock before and after shifts to accomplish all assigned duties and ensure patients were taken care of. Additionally, the plaintiffs claim that the defendants rounded down payroll hours and provided inaccurate wage statements, another serious violation of both California and federal wage laws.

The suit seeks to represent all similarly situated workers in the defendant’s healthcare system and recover compensation for up to four years dating back from the lawsuit’s filing. Under California labor laws, the plaintiffs could recover back pay with interest, liquidated damages equal to unpaid wages, and attorneys fees to cover the cost of litigating the matter.

Unfortunately, the case is an all too common example of the situation many hardworking nurses and hospital staff face on a daily basis as healthcare providers attempt to keep overhead low at the expense of employees trying to earn a living for themselves and their families. Often times, workers accept their situation under the assumption their company’s employment practices are standard practice and in compliance with state and federal laws.

Nurse Overtime Pay Lawsuit

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