Baltimore Police Union Files Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

Baltimore Police Union Files Class Action Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Against City

BALTIMORE — The Baltimore police union recently filed a class action lawsuit against the city on behalf of its 2,600 members alleging officers are due thousands of hours in combined unpaid overtime from the last three years. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court, claims the city reverted back to an older system to calculate overtime pay which resulted in thousands of officers being stiffed on their paycheckBaltimore police lawsuits even as the force racks up overtime hours amidst staffing reductions made by the city.

The complaint gives three different examples of Baltimore police officers from three different classes who accrued overtime wages on their paychecks. According to the plaintiffs’ calculations, each of the officers were paid 3% less than they were supposed to be. While the amount may seem small to some, that small percentage adds up to substantial lost income for officers and ultimately big savings for the city.

Attorneys for the police union claim they noticed similar discrepancies back in October 2014, prompting them to petition the city to revise overtime calculations. While the city complied and overtime wages were paid as they were supposed to be, it appears Baltimore has reverted back to a system wrought with complications which may only see final resolution after litigation.

“The sworn men and women of the Baltimore Police Department work tirelessly to keep Baltimore City safe,” the lawsuit states. “Plaintiffs simply ask to be compensated for overtime hours in accordance with all laws.” While the complaint does not list a specific dollar amount of unpaid overtime or uncompensated work hours, it nonetheless seeks compensation in the form of back wages plus interest.

Citing the Fair Labor Standards Act, the unpaid overtime lawsuit seeks class action status for the entire police force, claiming all of the officer’s claims are similarly situated to warrant certification. Under the FLSA, workers must be compensated one and a half times their regular hourly rate of pay for the time they work above the federal 40-hour threshold.

Police Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits

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