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Zillow Close to Settling Overtime Pay Lawsuit for $5 Million

SEATTLE — Real estate listing website Zillow recently settled a slew of lawsuits, including an unpaid overtime wage lawsuit that could reach several million dollars.

Other lawsuits settled include allegations of sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and retaliation in which claimants accused the Seattle-based company with maintaining a raucous work environment akin to a “frat house.”

The “settlement in principle” agreed to by parties in the overtime lawsuit is expected to reach as high as $5 million to settle allegations that supervisors at Zillow intimidated their employees into coming into work early, working during unpaid lunch breaks, and staying late to meet quotas.

As many as 120 employees may be able to claim unpaid overtime as part of the proposed settlement but the judge overseeing the case has not yet ratified the proposal.

Lawsuit Alleges Unpaid Overtime at Defendant’s California Office

The overtime pay lawsuit and other civil claims were filed against Zillow back in 2014 by groups of employees then working at its Irvine sales office. The employees in question were hourly sales associates not exempt from overtime pay under state and federal law but appear to have been forced to work without this compensation none the less for the sake of the regional office’s bottom line.

Even more disturbing than the unpaid overtime wage claims may be the details alleged by the other four lawsuits Zillow settled. They include retaliating against one employee for disclosing a credit card fraud scheme, racially charged remarks made to black employees, firing an employee for job abandonment when she was in the hospital, and supervisors sexually tormenting a female employee.

While Zillow claims it investigated some of the claims, does not tolerate the alleged behavior, and fired employees involved, it did make its own counter point claiming the sexual harassment lawsuit was “frivolous.” Reports suggest the settlements were reached at a court-mandated settlement conference in early May. Zillow admitted no wrongoing by settling the claims and the exact terms have not been disclosed.

How to File Overtime Pay Lawsuits

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