Kentucky Firefighters Get Multi-Million Dollar Settlement Offer in UO Lawsuit

Kentucky Firefighters Get Multi-Million Dollar Settlement Offer in Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

LOUISVILLE — After over a decade fighting for all their hard earned wages, a group of firefighters from Lexington, Kentucky may finally settle their case with the county for an estimated $17.7 million and compensate the plaintiffs for unpaid overtime, pension payments, and interest. According to local media reports, the suit dragged on over changes to the state’s overtime pay laws as well as legal maneuvering by the two-sides.

The two sides must negotiate some of the finer points of the settlement but representatives for the firefighters’ union indicated to local media the resolution was close to finalization. Furthermore, the state judge overseeing the case must approve the settlement and the resolution must also be ratified by the Urban County Council.

A Fayette Circuit Court judge originally ruled on behalf the defendants, holding the county was under no obligation to pay the firefighters overtime. A Kentucky Court of Appeals affirmed the lower court’s ruling and the plaintiffs appeal the case to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

While awaiting the Kentucky Supreme Court’s decision on the firefighter’s case, a separate 2011 ruling in an unpaid overtime lawsuit by the same court ruled municipal governments must pay overtime and are not immune to lawsuits brought by the Kentucky Labor Cabinet. Since then, the two-sides continued to litigate the matter and try to come to an amicable resolution.

The case is another prime example of the lengths many state and local governments will go to avoid paying hard working employees all duly owed wages. Although some states do have laws allowing unions to negotiate overtime compensation agreements, almost all workers in the country enjoy wage and labor protections to compensate workers at one and a half times their regular hourly rate for overtime work.

Firefighters, law enforcement, and other first responders often need to litigate overtime pay claims against state and local governments to recover all their lost wages. While many workers assume their employer is in compliance with all applicable wage laws, the sad truth is that many individuals are victims of wage theft.

Firefighter Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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