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Two Plaintiffs File Overtime Pay Lawsuits Against Shell Oil Company

HOUSTON — A pair of plaintiffs recently hit Shell Oil Company with overtime pay lawsuits, alleging they worked for the energy company for years without overtime pay.

The two lawsuits were filed separately in Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas, both alleging Shell committed violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The plaintiffs’ suit seeks relief for themselves and any other similarly situated. Under the FLSA, plaintiffs may seek collective action status, which means other workers who may have similar cases may join in the suit as a means to collect compensation for their rightfully-earned wages.

One suit, filed May 5, claims the plaintiff worked from May 2011 and July 2015 without receiving overtime pay. His claims seeks a trial by jury to recover compensation for unpaid overtime wages, interest on back pay, liquidated damages, attorney’s fees, and other relief the court sees fit.

The latest filing accuses both Shell Oil and Cenergy International Services LLC of being complicit in the denial of overtime wages. The plaintiff in this case claims he worked for the defendants from March 2011 to February 2016 without time and a half pay for hours worked over the overtime threshold. Like the plaintiff in the previously mentioned suit, the man in this case also seeks a trial by jury for overtime pay and other forms of compensation allowed under the FLSA.

How Do Companies Avoid Paying Overtime?

Employers may use a variety of tactics to avoid paying their employees overtime wages. Often times, employers will simply misclassify a worker as employed in an overtime exempt position when in reality the job duties do not fit the federal standards.

Under the FLSA, only certain types of job are overtime exempt and the worker’s duties must comply with the job description. When employers intentionally misclassify employees, these workers may seek up to three years of unpaid overtime as well as liquidated damages and any other compensation the court deems fit.

Misclassified Occupation Overtime Lawsuits

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