Restaurant Workers File Lawsuit Against Popular San Francisco Eatery Over Unpaid Wages

Restaurant Workers File Lawsuit Against Popular San Francisco Eatery Over Unpaid Wages

SAN FRANCISCO– A group of restaurant workers for popular San Francisco eatery Mission Beach Cafe recently made headlines after filing unpaid wage lawsuits against their employer claiming the establishment frequently lagged behind on paychecks and failed to pay some for all their hours worked. According to the lawsuit, paychecks often bounced when workers tried to cash them, making an already dire situation that much more difficult for ordinary people trying to support themselves and their families.

Media reports indicate the restaurant struggled throughout the years to pay employees their full wages in a timely manner, something many workers accepted as part of working for a business they were emotionally invested in. However, the struggle to be paid on time may have finally been to much to bear as workers reached out to local worker advocacy groups months ago for assistance in resolving the issue.

After months of negotiating between the plaintiffs’ attorneys and the restaurant, the workers filed a formal civil lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court to take concrete steps to resolve the issue and ensure the defendant pays its employees properly moving forward. A total of nine plaintiffs are named in the unpaid wages lawsuit, most of whom are servers who continue to work at the restaurant while litigation is moving forward.

How Soon Does My Employer Have to Pay Me?

 How often an employer must pay its workers varies from state to state and even by profession (like farm workers). California wage and labor laws generally hold employees must be paid at least twice a month but there are certain exceptions to the rule.

When employers fail to live up to their legal obligations to pay workers in a timely manner, the law gives employees recourse to hold companies accountable and recover penalties for late paychecks. Workers with questions about whether they are receiving all their due wages in a timely manner under the law should contact an experienced unpaid overtime lawyer about their case.

Restaurant Worker Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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