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Red Light Camera Electrician Files Suit Over Unpaid Overtime Wages

LOS ANGELES — A California electrician contracted to install red light cameras recently filed an unpaid overtime lawsuit against his former employer, American Traffic Solutions (ATS), alleging the defendant failed to pay overtime under California law. Furthermore, the claim seeks back wages over allegations the defendant did not pay the plaintiff a proper wages for the services rendered under California’s prevailing wage laws for publicly funded projects.

The plaintiff claims he did not receive his due overtime when working more than eight hours in a day or over 40 hours per week, as per California’s robust labor and wage laws, and should be compensated with back pay, interest, penalties, and attorney’s fees. Although the plaintiff’s unpaid overtime lawsuit does not list a specific dollar figure sought, attorneys for the defendant believe the number could be as high as $75,000.

Under California’s Prevailing Wage Law, workers contracted to help install public works must be paid wages consistent with industry standards. In this case, the plaintiff claims he was only paid between $20 and $23 per hour when the standard for his trade should have been around $39 per hour and included benefits.

Other Technicians File Suit Under California Prevailing Wage Law

Plaintiffs across California filed similar suits against ATS in 2014, alleging the contractor paid illegally low wages and did not pay overtime when workers spent more than eight hours in a day or 40 hours a week on the job. ATS settled several of those suits but continues to litigate others as workers fight to recover all the income the company owes them under the law.

While some companies accused of wage theft may feign ignorance over their noncompliance with state and federal labor laws, the fact is that these are matters of strict liability and it is incumbent upon the employer to comply with these statutes. Often times, defendants rely on the ignorance of the workers themselves to avoid paying overtime and other wages and keep payroll expenses down to enrich the company’s bottom line.

Prevailing Wage Overtime Lawsuits

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