Oakland City Attorney Files UO Lawsuit Against Hotel Owner

Oakland City Attorney Files Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Against Hotel Owner

LOS ANGELES –The Oakland, California City Attorney recently filed an unpaid overtime lawsuit against an area hotel on behalf of several former workers the city claims are due unpaid wages and other damages under local minimum wage laws. The suit is the first of its kind under an ordinance approved by city voters in 2014 that, among other things, raises the city’s minimum wage to $12.86 and provides many of the same worker protections common in state and federal labor and wage laws.

According to the City Attorney, the franchise owner of a Quality Inn in east Oakland forced at least six Spanish speaking housekeepers to work off the clock before and after shifts, refused to provide state-mandated meal and rest breaks, and retaliated against those who called in sick to work. The plaintiffs claim the defendant did not pay overtime nor reimburse sick days, even when the workers brought in a doctor’s note confirming their appointments.

If true, the allegations constitute another unfortunate example of how malicious employers may attempt to exploit vulnerable immigrant immigrant workers trying to make a better life for themselves and families. The brazen wage theft alleged in this suit is all too common with foreign workers, particularly those in the food and hospitality industries.

California Wage and Overtime Pay Laws

 Under California labor laws, employers must pay workers one and a half times the worker’s regular hourly wage for all hours worked above the weekly 40-hour overtime threshold. Additionally, workers are also entitled to one and a half times their hourly wage when they work more than eight hours in a single shift and must earn double when working more than 12 hours in a single shift.

Wage theft victims can recover up to four years of overtime pay under the law. Furthermore, plaintiffs may be eligible to receive interest on their unpaid wages as well as other penalties to compensate them for not receiving all their due wages on time.

Hotel Staff Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits

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