Pizza Hut Employees Still Fighting for Lost Wages

Pizza Hut Employees Still Fighting for Lost Wages

LOS ANGELES — Over 80 current and former Pizza Hut employees are still fighting to recover all of their back wages and unpaid overtime from a Kentucky location plagued by a store manager the workers say consistently altered time sheets to save on payroll. Even after Pizza Hut’s corporate headquarters became aware of the practice and payed employee’s back on the principle amount, the workers claim the corporation has not fully cooperated with their information requests to ensure all back wages are paid.

The claim began like many. One Pizza Hut driver noticed his employer had not paid him for all the hours worked, after spending part of a shift out on deliver and the other part in the restaurant washing dishes. That individual’s examination of his time card revealed what many other workers had already expected when it came to their bosses manipulating time cards and committing wage theft.

To their credit, Pizza Hut’s corporate headquarters dismissed the store’s general manager and a shift supervisor for their role in the wage theft scheme. All of the 82-employees affected were paid the principle of their lost wages, with most receiving a few hundred dollars, depending on how long they had worked there and to what extent each was affected.

However, some employees attempted to verify that Pizza Hut had truly reimbursed them for every single hour of unpaid work but Pizza Hut resisted until some brought claims in small court to compel compliance. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers must keep accurate time and payroll records for each employee and provide the information upon request.

Furthermore, the FLSA goes as far as to compensate wage theft victims with damages for unpaid wages with interest on back pay and even liquidated damages which can equal the total back pay. Some attorneys looking at the case believe the workers can file a class action unpaid overtime lawsuit to recover for these and other damages as well as to force Pizza Hut to conduct a full and proper audit.

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