New York Hotel Workers File UO Lawsuit Against Hotel Owner

New York Hotel Workers File Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Against Hotel Owner, Allege Harassment and Retaliation

NEW YORK — Over one-dozen current and former restaurant workers for a New York hotel recently filed a federal class action lawsuit against the business, claiming the defendant underpaid workers, denied overtime, and went as far as to retaliate against at least one employee after she confronted management about pay discrepancies. While the case is still in the early onsets, a Department of Labor administrative panel sided with one employee in her related employment action after she said management for the Radisson Hotel Rochester Airport harassed, suspended, and ultimately terminated her employment when she asked for her due wages.

Under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), discussing wage issues with employers is a “protected activity,” meaning employers cannot fire workers simply for asking they be paid for all their hard work. In instances of retaliation, plaintiffs may be entitled to financial compensation from the employer, reinstatement with seniority, and other damages. Sadly, this type of maliciousness is a far too common to prevent workers from standing up for their rights and recovering all their due pay.

According to the plaintiffs’ lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, the defendant engaged in a variety of wage theft practices to deny workers all their hard earned pay for their hours spent on the job. Those claims include allegations the defendant withheld tips included in banquet parties. Often times, restaurants include “service fees” to bills which many patrons innocently mistake to understand the gratuity for the tip earning employees has already been calculated into the bill when in fact the business simply pockets this income.

Additionally, the plaintiffs claim the defendant paid less than minimum wage for non-tip-earning duties like acting as hosts. Furthermore, the plaintiffs assert the defendant should have paid the workers minimum wage for the time spent on the job after the restaurant closed. Lastly, the plaintiffs claim the defendant denied workers meal and rest breaks but made deductions from payroll hours nonetheless.

Restaurant Worker Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits

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