New York City Butchers File Class Action Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

New York City Butchers File Class Action Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

NEW YORK — A group of 40 current and former workers for a New York City butcher shop recently took action by filing a class action unpaid overtime lawsuit against the business, alleging the group frequently worked well above the overtime threshold without additional pay. The lawsuit claims as many as 100 people could end up joining the overtime pay lawsuit against the defendant, Brooklyn-based Y&D Meat Corp., setting up a potentially huge payout for the plaintiffs if their claim succeeds.

The complaint levies several serious wage theft accusations against the defendant, accusing the butcher shop of everything from not paying overtime to making improper deductions from worker paychecks for trivial workplace rules violations dating back to 2011. Two of the main plaintiffs in the case claim to have worked up to 100 hours per week over their seven years with the company, all without overtime wages.

To make matters worse for the workers, supervisors often deducted an entire hour’s pay from individual’s checks for taking just one minute more than the allotted 30-minute meal break during shifts. Furthermore, the plaintiffs complaint alleges that the defendant failed to provide workers documents in their primary language, many of whom are Spanish speakers, which made understanding their legal rights much more difficult.

Federal Overtime Pay Laws

 Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), companies must pay workers at least one and a half times the employee’s average hourly wages as compensation for overtime hours worked above the 40-hour threshold. Often times, employers count on workers not understanding the law or trusting in the company to follow state and federal statutes on overtime wages.

Sadly, many victims of wage theft are some of the most vulnerable and hard working people in this country, creating more stress in an already difficult situation for folks trying to support themselves and families. Fortunately, the FLSA gives workers the right to file lawsuits against their employer to recover unpaid overtime without fear of retaliation like termination or harassment.

Overtime Pay Class Action Lawsuits

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