Hundreds of Postal Workers Join UO Lawsuit Against United States Postal Service

Hundreds of Postal Workers Join Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Against United States Postal Service

RICHMOND — Dozens of current and former postal workers for a Richmond, Virginia United States Postal Service location recently filed an unpaid overtime lawsuit on behalf of themselves and hundreds more to recover back pay they claim was stolen from them. If true, the claims alleged in the overtime lawsuit could mean a substantial payout for the plaintiffs as well as serious repercussions for individuals involved in the suspected wage theft scheme designed to reduce overhead for the Postal Service.

Attorneys for the 40 named plaintiffs believe that the total number of similarly affected plaintiffs may be as high as 300 individuals. Sources claim supervisors changed timesheets after management received an incentivized directive to reduce payroll and overhead at locations across the country. The suit claims the U.S. Postal Service has reduced labor costs by $10 billion over the last decade.

The allegations supposedly took place at the Brook Road location postal center, surfacing as part of an investigation into a workers’ compensation claim that revealed not all of one mail carrier’s work hours had been recorded. What followed next revealed truly shocking information about how far employers may go to suppress worker income to pad the company’s bottom line.

An investigation by the Office of the Inspector General revealed some supervisors manipulated employee time cards. That investigation resulted in the suspension of multiple supervisors, Customer Service Manager and Postmaster and was even able to repay lost overtime for many of the affected employees. However, under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), wage theft victims are entitled to more than just the principle on their lost wages and may be entitled to receive other damages.

Under the FLSA, wage theft victims may be entitled to interest on back pay, liquidated damages equal to their lost income, and attorneys’ fees to help pay for the cost of litigating any legal action. Furthermore, courts may impose injunctions on defendants to institute new oversight and payroll procedures to help ensure other workers do not find themselves of future wage theft.

Mail Carrier Overtime Pay Lawsuit

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