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Servers File Logan’s Roadhouse Overtime Lawsuit

NASHVILLE — Logan’s Roadhouse Inc. could be facing a collective action wage and overtime pay lawsuit in Tennessee federal court, if the judge approves the servers’ request for class certification. The steakhouse restaurant chain is alleged to have violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) when it failed to pay its tipped employees at least minimum wage […]

$30 Million Settles Publix Super Market Overtime Claim

NASHVILLE — Department and assistant department managers working for Publix Super Markets Inc. will share in a recent $30 million settlement. The settlement, which received court approval in Tennessee federal court in early February, is intended to resolve an ongoing collective action overtime pay lawsuit. In the managers’ claim, the supermarket chain allegedly failed to […]

Dollar General Overtime Claims

GOODLETTSVILLE, Tenn. — Dollar General employees are often required to work double shifts and work additional time before and after their scheduled shift. With the exception of some upper management positions, the employer must pay overtime to workers who work more than forty hours per week. Employers often deny or unlawfully refuse to pay overtime […]

Nashville Overtime Lawsuit Lawyers

NASHVILLE — Our Nashville overtime lawyers file unpaid overtime lawsuits on behalf of workers who are not paid the legally required wages.  Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), a large number of workers who are entitled to overtime pay never receive the wages owed to them under federal or state law.  Many times, the […]

Tennessee Overtime Pay Laws: Wage & Hour Lawyers

NASHVILLE — The Tennessee Minimum Wage and Overtime Laws specifically set how much and when a worker must be paid. The laws are set forth by state statute and non-exempt employers must comply with these laws. There are numerous exceptions to these laws based upon the type of employment, the classification of the job, the […]

Tennessee Overtime Pay Lawsuits

NASHVILLE — If you are a Tennessee employee who was not paid for working overtime, you may be able to file an unpaid overtime lawsuit. These cases seek to force the employer, either past or present, to pay the employee the back unpaid wages for overtime hours that were not paid. Unpaid overtime lawsuits also […]

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