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McDonald’s Employees Fight Overtime Claim

LOS ANGELES — McDonald’s employees brought a class action overtime wage claim in California state court in March of this year. The employees claim McDonald’s store managers altered time records by erasing employees’ hours worked, denied meal breaks, failed to pay overtime, and required off-the-clock work. In April, McDonald’s requested the case be removed to federal […]

McDonald’s Challenges Pair Of Overtime Claims

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — McDonald’s employees are urging a Michigan federal court to grant conditional collective action certification for their lawsuits against the fast food restaurant giant. Two franchisees, one in each of the two lawsuits, are also named in the lawsuit. The employees claim McDonald’s and its franchisees failed to pay minimum wage and overtime […]

McDonald’s Faces Wage Suits In Three States

Even after a New York McDonald’s franchise owner settled a class action with his employees over unpaid wages, McDonald’s workers still have wage claims in three states. McDonald’s employees in California, Michigan and New York have filed separate cases against the company and some of its franchise owners for underpaying their employees. Employees have brought […]

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