Maryland Lifeguard Files Class Action UO Lawsuit Against City

Maryland Lifeguard Files Class Action Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Against City

BALTIMORE — A long-serving veteran for the Ocean City beach patrol recently filed a class action unpaid overtime lawsuit against the city over allegations the city failed to pay the plaintiff and others one and a half times their average hourly wages for overtime hours. The complaint alleges the Ocean City municipal government committed “systematic” wage violations against lifeguards earning an hourly wage since late April, 2015.

The unpaid overtime lawsuits claim that over 100 current and former lifeguards may be eligible to join the claim if the judge hearing the case grants the litigation class action status. Typically in class action overtime wage lawsuits, the plaintiffs must show they are all “similarly situated,” meaning the defendant committed essentially the same wage theft against all of the class members.

The complaint, filed in Worcester County Circuit Court, asks for a trial by jury to resolve whether the defendant intentionally misclassified the plaintiffs as overtime exempt to keep pay rolls down and whether the city kept accurate payroll records. Under Maryland wage and labor laws, wage theft victims are eligible to recover two years of back wages for “unintentional” violations and up to three years for “intentional” wage theft violations.

While many defendants in overtime pay lawsuits claim discrepancies amount to little more than misunderstandings of complex state and federal laws, the truth is that the burden rests solely on the employer to ensure compliance. Often times, anything other than a benign clerical or software error constitutes an intentional violation of wage laws under both state and federal law.

Depending on the circumstances of the case, the plaintiffs may be entitled to back overtime pay with plus interest, liquidated damages equal to unpaid wages, court costs, attorneys fees, and any other damages the court may see fit to award. Furthermore, courts may sometimes award extra compensation to lead or named plaintiffs for taking the initiative to contact an attorney to file the claim and recover back pay on behalf of other wage theft victims.

Lifeguard Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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