Dallas City Inspectors File Lawsuit Over Back Pay and Retaliation

Dallas City Inspectors File Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Over Back Pay and Retaliation

DALLAS, TX — A trio of former code enforcement inspectors for the city of Dallas recently filed an unpaid overtime lawsuit against the city over claims that they and potentially hundreds of other city employees were cheated out of all their due wages. While the lawsuit is still in its earliest stages, attorneys for the plaintiffs believe the potential payout could be millions of dollar if a court holds the city liable for the alleged wage theft.

According to media reports, the three named plaintiffs worked in code enforcement for the city, frequently spending six-days a week on the job and working through their lunch breaks with the aid of company issued laptops and cell phones. However, despite frequently working more than 40 hours per week the city refused to pay overtime wages, instead opting to schedule the workers a day off of the department’s choosing.

The plaintiffs allege that when they confronted supervisors about their lack of overtime pay, as is their right to do as a protected action under federal labor laws, their concerns were dismissed and they were told to resume business as usual. After six years of being ignored, the plaintiffs eventually filed a grievance with the city council asking for an investigation to take place. Instead, the three were fired from their positions and other code enforcement inspectors were demoted.

FLSA Pay Laws

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers must pay workers one and a half times the individual’s average hourly rate of pay when working above the weekly 40-hour overtime threshold. Furthermore, raising issues over minimum wage and overtime pay are considered protected actions under the FLSA and employers cannot retaliate for doing so.

If plaintiffs can prove their employer retaliated for engaging in a protected action under the FLSA, plaintiffs may be entitled to additional damages. Other damages overtime pay lawsuits can recover include back pay with interest, liquidated damages, attorneys fees, and court costs to litigate the claim and recover the wages.

City Employee Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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