Lawsuit Accuses NY City Administration for Children’s Services of Failing to Pay Overtime Wages

Lawsuit Accuses New York City Administration for Children’s Services of Failing to Pay Overtime Wages

NEW YORK — A group of case workers for New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services recently filed an unpaid overtime lawsuit against the agency, claiming they are owed for potentially thousands of hours of unpaid wages. The plaintiffs worked investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect, among other tasks they spent doing on and off the clock.

According to the complaint, the plaintiffs’ job duties required them to work many hours before and after their shift preparing for their caseloads. Additionally, the plaintiffs allege they needed to prepare during their lunch breaks for which they were automatically clocked out.

The case highlights a growing problem in the social worker industry as to just how many hours the workers need to put into their jobs to successfully complete the task at hand and ensure clients are taken care of. Unfortunately, all their hard work often goes along with being underpaid for all their efforts.

Can I Get Overtime for Working From Home?

Under state and federal wage laws, hourly employees need to be fully compensated for all their regular and overtime pay. Additionally, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to keep fair and accurate records of all the hours employees spend working and to provide records of hours worked and wages earned.

When employers fail to adhere to wage laws, wage theft victims have legal recourse to recoup their unpaid overtime and even interest on the amount owed. Furthermore, the FLSA allows courts to impose injunctions in certain situations requiring violators to implement new protocols and procedures to ensure future wage theft does not occur.

Workers believing their employer failed to fairly compensate them for all their hours worked should strongly consider speaking to a qualified unpaid overtime lawyer about their cases and find out their legal options. Under the FLSA, defendants may even be responsible for paying the plaintiff’s legal fees and courts costs incurred during the suit.

Social Worker Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits

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