California Police Officers File Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

California Police Officers File Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES — Officers for the West Covina Police Department recently filed an unpaid overtime lawsuit against the city, claiming their employer failed to properly compensate the plaintiffs for all their hours spent on the job under federal labor and wage laws. The plaintiffs seek back pay with interest, liquidated damages equal to missing wages, court costs, attorneys fees and any other damages the court may see fit to award the officers.

The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, alleges a little known but all-too-common form of wage theft often affecting police, firefighters, and other emergency response departments across the country. The plaintiffs claim that the defendant failed to take into account all forms of wages officers earn while on the job, as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires all employers to do for hourly wage earning employees.

Under the FLSA, employers must pay overtime eligible workers one and a half times the employee’s average hourly wage for hours spent working over the federally mandated 40-hour overtime threshold. Many employers and workers incorrectly assume only the employee’s straight pay need be factored and ignore commissions, cash benefits, and other wages adding to the individual’s earnings.

In the case of the West Covina police officers, the department allegedly failed to include cash benefits paid to officers carrying their own health insurance policies in lieu of these workers retaining coverage through their employers. The police argue this cash stipend should be included in overtime pay calculations and federals Appeals Courts have recently ruled these types of wages must be considered under the FLSA.

Fortunately for the police officers, the city appears to be taking the issue quite seriously with reports indicating officers are looking into the matter and may move to quickly settle the unpaid overtime lawsuit with the plaintiffs and other underpaid officers. Often times, companies attempt to deny and delay claims, making the counsel of an experience unpaid overtime lawyer crucial to recovering lost wages.

Police Officer Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits

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