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Jail Guard Unpaid Overtime Pay Lawsuit Lawyers

Jail guards are often required to work more than a 40 hour week but do not receive overtime pay.  This happens frequently in jails operated by both government entities and private companies.   Jail guards are generally eligible to recover unpaid overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act.  This law requires time and half wages for overtime hours.

Jail guards are often required to report early to work and staff after the official work shift has ended.  This includes arriving at work before the start of the shift to change into uniform and work after the shift officially ends to handle paperwork and other obligations.  Overtime pay is often required for these extra minutes every day.  Fifteen minutes a day in overtime adds up to substantial money over a several year period, especially because the overtime rate is one and a half times your regular rate of pay.

If you are a jail guard and work more than 40 hours per week, you are likely entitled to overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Your company may argue that you are “exempt,” or not entitled, to overtime pay but this may not be true.  Overtime pay lawsuits are being filed for jail guards who have been unlawfully denied time and a half pay for working more than 40 hours per week.

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