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Overtime Pay Lawsuits
Overtime Pay Lawsuits
22 Sep 2015

international bank of commerce overtime pay lawsuitCORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A lawsuit was filed on August 31, 2015 against the International Bank of Commerce. Our overtime pay laws attorneys filed this class action lawsuit against the International Bank of Commerce, alleging that the company failed to properly compensate its hourly bank tellers in violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Specifically, the lawsuit alleges that IBC purposely evaded overtime wages at one-and-one-half times the workers’ hourly rate for hours in excess of 40 hours per week. The case is currently pending in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas.

If you work for a bank or financial institution and your employer fails to pay for your off-the-clock work, we are here to help. To help easily determine whether you are eligible to file a wage claim, you must contact our experienced overtime pay lawyers at (855) 754-2795 for a free consultation. You can also fill out the Free Unpaid Overtime Case Review Form on this page. We will discuss your situation and determine if you have a claim. Let us help you recover your lost wages and get compensated for the overtime hours spent working.

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