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United States Supreme Court Takes Up Epic Systems Corp. Class Action Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

MILWAUKEE — Workers fighting for their hard-earned overtime pay may have to wait even longer after the United States Supreme Court recently agreed to hear an appeal from the defendant, Verona, Wisconsin-based Epic Systems Corp. Just a few weeks earlier, an appeals court sided with the plaintiffs against Epic, applying a little-known national labor law to break up the defendant’s attempt to force plaintiffs to settle wage theft complaints on an individual basis.

In taking up the matter, the Supreme Court will decide on the fate not only of the plaintiffs in Lewis v. Epic, but also on two other cases involving arbitration agreements between large groups of employees and companies. In fact, the case will go as far as to decide whether or not the National Labor Relations Act extends collective bargaining protection to contracts mandating employee grievances be solved through independent arbitration.

Two lower courts struck down the legality of arbitration clauses, including the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Lewis v. Epic, while the Fifth Circuit held the contracts enforceable under the Federal Arbitration Act. While pro-business trade groups like The Retail Litigation Center tout the expediency and convenience of arbitration to resolve employer-employee disputes, consumer watch organizations rightfully urge caution.

Federal Overtime Pay Laws

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, companies must pay hourly workers one and a half times the individual’s average hourly wage for time spent above the 40-hour per week overtime threshold. While many employees assume their companies comply with federal and state wage laws, the truth is that many employers rely and exploit this ignorance to suppress wages and pad bottom lines at the expense of hardworking people.

Fortunately, the law gives aggrieved employees the right to file unpaid overtime lawsuits to recover their lost wages, including interest and penalties on back pay. Furthermore, the Fair Labor Standards Act allows courts to award plaintiffs attorneys’ fees to help cover the cost of litigation to recover unpaid overtime.

Class Action Overtime Pay Lawsuit

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