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Healthcare Staffing Overtime Lawsuit Against Maxim

Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc. is the subject of an unpaid overtime lawsuit filed by past and present employees who worked as Healthcare Recruiters and/or Staffing Recruiters.   The recruiters contend in the lawsuit that Maxim failed to pay them overtime wages and misclassified their positions to avoid paying overtime compensation.   The former employees are seeking thousands of dollars of back wages for time spent working in excess of 40 hours a week.  Employees contend that they were required to work on call, work from home, and attending flue clinics.  Both staffing recruiters and homecare recruiters can participate in the lawsuit, even if they were salaried employees.  Maxim Healthcare Staffing Overtime Lawsuit

Employers are often accused of misclassifying an employee’s job title or position to avoid paying overtime wages.  The Maxim Healthcare overtime lawsuit alleges that Maxim had a misclassification policy in effect for several years prior to the filing of the lawsuit and allowed employees to work overtime with paying additional wages. The lawsuit also claims that Maxim failed to pay overtime compensation upon termination of a healthcare recruiter and did not provide an itemized wage statement showing accurate hours worked and accurate pay rates.  Finally, the Maxim Healthcare Staffing lawsuit also alleges that the company did not keep accurate timekeeping records.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers are required to pay employees time and a half overtime wages for work beyond forty hours a week.  Only certain employees are exempt from overtime pay and misclassifying an employee as exempt is in violation of federal law.   The unpaid overtime class action lawsuit is seeking to represent all current and former salaried workers of Maxim Healthcare, including other healthcare recruiters, homecare recruiters, staffing recruiters, and senior recruiters who were employed by Maxim Healthcare at any time during the past three years.

If you or someone you know worked for Maxim Healthcare as a healthcare recruiter, homecare recruiter, staffing recruiter, or senior recruiter and believe you are owed back overtime pay, call our unpaid overtime lawyers today at (855) 754-2795 for a free overtime lawsuit case review.  We will listen to your work situation and advise you if you were underpaid by your employer and have the right to file an overtime pay claim.

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