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Former Doughnut Shop Employees File Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Against Pastry Shop

HOUSTON — Four long-time doughnut shop employees recently filed an unpaid overtime lawsuit against Shipley Do-Nuts, a Houston-area chain of pastry shops, claiming the defendant failed to pay the plaintiffs for all their time spent on the job. Additionally, some of the female plaintiffs claimed the business owner systematically sexually harassed them before they finally left their jobs after many years with the business.

The complaint names Shipley Do-Nuts and its owner as defendants and demands compensation for all unpaid overtime, including interest on back wages, liquidated damages equal to their unpaid incomes, and attorney fees to cover their costs of litigation. In a recent statement, the defendant denied the allegations and vowed to defend itself from the claims.

According to reports, the plaintiffs did not work in the defendant’s pastry shops but rather as warehouse workers, clerks, and housekeeping in support of the business, routinely putting in over 40 hours per week but never seeing overtime pay. Furthermore, the housekeepers allege the defendant never reimbursed the pair for incurring business related expenses like travel to and from job sites with their own vehicles.

What is the Fair Labor Standards Act?

The plaintiffs hope the federal judge hearing the case will certify the overtime pay lawsuit with class action status to allow any other similarly affected workers to join the claim and increase the pressure on the defendant to take responsibility for willful labor law violations. The four named plaintiffs are all relatives, one worked for Shipley Do-nuts for 18 years, another for 14 years before the job was no longer bearable.

 The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets national minimum wage pay and overtime rates for nearly all workers paid on an hourly basis and has few, clearly defined exceptions for when employers may pay employees a flat salary. Workers with questions about their unpaid wages and overtime status should contact an experienced overtime pay attorney to discuss their case and find out what compensation may be available.

Warehouse Worker Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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