Florida Transportation Service Company Agrees to Settle Overtime Lawsuit

Florida Transportation Service Company Agrees to Settle Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

HIALEAH GARDENS, Florida — A south Florida medical transportation service company recently agreed to a settlement with the U.S. Department of Labor to resolve claims that the company violated several provisions of federal labor and wage laws, including failure to pay overtime wages to dozens of workers.

As part of the settlement, Hialeah Gardens-based Care Transport Service LLC will pay back a combined $75,358 in back wages and damages to 51 current and former employees.

An investigation by the Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division found that Care Transport Service violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) when it failed to pay workers one and a half times their average hourly rate of pay for overtime hours. Under the FLSA, companies must pay employees premium overtime wages for the time workers spend on the job above the national 40-hour overtime threshold.

“When employers fail to pay employees the wages they have legally earned, it not only harms those employees but also allows those companies to gain an unfair economic advantage over their law-abiding competitors,” said Tony Pham, Wage and Hour Division District Director in Miami. “We encourage employers to contact us with any questions they may have, and to use the wide variety of tools we offer to help them understand their obligations and to comply with the law.”

The Wage and Hour Division determined that the overtime pay violations occurred when the company failed to account for the time drivers spent driving home from appointments for the following day. Furthermore, Care Transport Service improperly classified one of its drivers as “overtime exempt” and paid this employee a flat salary regardless of how many hours this person spent working.

As a result of the pay violations, the company also violated the recordkeeping provisions of the FLSA, which require companies to keep accurate wage statements detailing all the hours worked and wages earned by employees. Care Transport Services provides non-emergency medical transportation for clinics in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Transportation Worker Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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