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CASHNet Service Provider Named in Wage Lawsuit

RALEIGH —  CASHNet provider Higher One Machines, Inc., has been named as the defendant in a class action lawsuit filed in late 2015 alleging that employees were not paid an appropriate wage based on regulations laid out by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Plaintiffs claim that home-based call center employees were required to log in and out of the company computer systems and frequently had to reestablish system connections when they were disconnected. While these tasks required additional time spent doing work related activities when employee shifts were supposedly over, they were not compensated for the execution of these duties.

The case has to to enter active litigation as it remains pending in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina.

What Is Higher One Machines?

Higher One, Inc., is best known for their CASHNet product, a payment provider used for higher education. Their primary entity is headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut with four additional office across the United States.  According to the company website, the service provides assistance to over 5 million students across the country.

What Rules Did Higher One Break?

Employers often do not fairly compensate employees for work they are required to do while on breaks or off the clock, especially in the case of employees who must work using various computer based systems that require extensive start-up times. Higher One employees who were assigned to home-based call center duties had to undergo log-in and sign-off processes once their shifts had ended but were not compensated for their time.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employees are entitled to receive compensation for work that directly benefits the employer or is required for an employee to do to properly execute their work, whether officially on the clock or not.

How Do I Contact An Overtime Wage Attorney?

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