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Can a loan underwriter file an unpaid overtime pay lawsuit?

Yes, a loan underwriter may be able to file an unpaid overtime pay lawsuit against their employer. If you believe you have been denied overtime pay by your employer you need to speak to an experienced lawyer about your rights.

Although most courts agree that Loan Underwriters are entitled to overtime wages for working more than 40 hours in a work week, this is not always the case.  According to the FLSA, depending on the specific facts of the case, some Loan Underwriters may be properly classified as exempt “administrative” employees who are not entitled to overtime pay.  Courts will consider all of the following factors in deciding whether a Loan Underwriter is entitled to overtime pay: amount of compensation; pay structure (hourly wage or salary); the employer’s production requirements; how much decision-making power the Loan Underwriter has; the nature of the employer’s primary business; and the Loan Underwriter’s other job duties.

Our loan underwriter overtime pay lawyers will discuss your case with you and determine whether or not you are eligible to file a lawsuit under the law.  If determined that you were unfairly denied wages, we will start working on your case immediately gathering all the evidence to prove and win your case.  We represent our clients under our No Fee Promise, which means no legal fees or costs until we win or settle your claim.  Call now!

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