Healthcare Giant Cerner Faces Another Lawsuit Over Overtime Policy

Healthcare Giant Cerner Faces Another Lawsuit Over Overtime Policy

KANSAS CITY — Kansas City-based healthcare company Cerner was recently hit with another class action overtime wage lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges the hospital chain misclassified potentially hundreds if not thousands of IT workers, and seeks compensation for unpaid overtime, as well as other damages under the Fair Labor Standards Act and Missouri state employment laws.

According to the complaint, helpdesk workers tasked with aiding in IT troubleshooting were forced to work a 48-hour work week without any additional compensation for overtime wages.

Attorneys for the regional healthcare giant reportedly said the employees in question are computer professionals or administrative employees, and ared not eligible for overtime under the FLSA.

Under the FLSA, only certain types of employees are exempt from overtime payments but the law defines this class very narrowly. Types of employees exempt under the FLSA include executives, certain administrative employees, computer engineers, outside sales persons, registered nurses, and highly compensated individuals.

Under the FLSA, for administrative employees to qualify for exemptions they must:

  • Earn less than $455 a week
  • Perform non-manual labor directly related to the management of the company
  • primary duty include exercising independent judgment with respect to matters of significance

Companies often use the perceived vagueness of the language to take advantage of the law and pay their employees less than they are owed. When this happens, employees may be compensated not just with their back overtime pay but also other monetary damages as the court may see fit.

Cerner Forces Employees to Sign Arbitration Agreements

Following another class action overtime suit against Cerner, the company forced thousands of its employees to sign arbitration agreements which stated the employees would resolve any wage disputes privately with the company.

Those who chose not to sign the agreements would be barred from receiving any performance-based raises.

The other lawsuits against Cerner alleged the company failed to pay overtime to employees who trained customers to use the company’s proprietary software, employees who configure user settings for the software, and one that alleges the company paid its employees a full pay period late while forcing them to standby during lunch breaks in case they were needed in the emergency room.

Healthcare Worker Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits

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