Amazon: Employees Can't Get Paid For Walking Out Of Work

Amazon: Employees Can’t Get Paid For Walking Out Of Work

AmazonSEATTLE — Amazon recently ask a Kentucky federal court to dismiss a lawsuit by warehouse workers demanding their rightful overtime wages for time spent passing through security screenings while leaving work.

Thousands of current and former workers could be affected by the ruling as plaintiffs working in Amazon’s warehouses across the country have joined in a multi district litigation effort to reclaim their hard-earned pay.

Plaintiffs allege they are owed for hundreds of thousands of unpaid hours for the time spent passing through security screenings everyday to leave work.

While Amazon claims the time spend is minimal and non-intrusive, the workers maintain that over the course of weeks, months, and years the time adds up to significant wages.

Amazon hopes the courts will side with its view, that the time spent in the security line to leave work does not constitute work time to be counted on payroll hours. In its brief, the online retailer claimed employees only spend a few minutes passing through checks and only on rare occasions would have to wait as long as 10 minutes to get by.

Don, Doff Overtime Pay Lawsuits

This case has similarities to some don, doff cases in which workers have sued for overtime hours incurred by changing into and removing special equipment and uniforms to perform their jobs. While some courts have ruled workers must be paid for this time, others have found they are exempt from receiving overtime wages for time spent donning and doffing.

While it may seem like a small amount of time each day, the time spent changing in and out of safety equipment can accumulate to significant amounts of overtime pay, given enough time. Workers across the country have recovered thousands in wages in don, doff overtime pay lawsuits and may be entitled to interest and other compensation. Speaking to an attorney about one’s case can help them understand their rights and what they may be owed.

Overtime Class Action Lawsuits

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