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Zillow Reaches Final Settlement in Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

SEATTLE — Seattle-based online real estate company Zillow recently announced that it reached a final settlement with a group of former workers over allegations that the firm failed to pay overtime wages and even went so far as to pressure sales staff to skip lunch breaks. The $6 million settlement finally brings to close months of negotiations stemming back to June 2016 when the two-sides announced that they entered talks to resolve the class action unpaid overtime lawsuit.

According to reports, the settlement was contingent on the U.S. Department of Labor review to ensure the company maintained future compliance with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which governs minimum wage and overtime laws for almost all workers in the country. The settlement covers employees at the company’s Irvine office while allowing the defendant to circumvent any admission of wrongdoing, despite federal oversight of the claim.

The lead plaintiff alleged he and other hourly workers in the defendant’s Irvine office routinely worked over 40 hours during the week, many off the clock before and after work as well as during lunch breaks. Zillow intimidated workers into compliance with the demanding work schedule to meet company quotas, all the while withholding hard earned overtime wages, according to the complaint.

Serious Labor Law Violations Uncovered in Federal Review

Additional lawsuits against Zillow alleged offices maintained a “frat house” culture teeming with bad actors creating a hostile work environment to the detriment of subordinate employees. One former employee alleged retaliation for exposing credit card fraud while another terminated for job abandonment while in the hospital for emergency medical care.

Other workers claim they were subjected to racially charged comments and one female plaintiff alleged she was subjected to torturous levels of sexual harassment. As a condition to the recent settlement, the Department of Labor will monitor compliance with federal labor laws at the company’s California and Washington offices. Furthermore, Zillow agreed to “establish and maintain certain procedures” to comply with the federal action and avoid taking any legal responsibility.

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