Wage Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against General Motors

Wage Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against General Motors

DETROIT — A class action lawsuit against General Motors and Aerotek Inc. was filed in early 2016 citing allegations that both companies failed to pay call center employees for a significant portion of their work each day. The complaint explains that employees work jointly for both companies at the call center.

Employees were required to to log into various computer applications and programs before clocking in for their shifts and during lunch breaks in addition to systematically shutting these programs down after their shift had ended. While this may seem to be an insignificant amount of time, it frequently added up to 30 minutes were day in which employees would be working without compensation.

Plaintiffs named in the class action are seeking certification for all workers that shared their situation while working at the General Motors Technical Center. The case has yet to go to trial and is currently pending further action in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia.

What Is General Motors?

General Motors Company is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan and has been in existence since 1908 as a major American automotive company – one of the worlds largest.

As of 2016, the company produces automobiles in 37 countries across thirteen brands that are controlled at least through joint-venture by the main General Motors company.

According to a 2015 report, General Motors employs nearly 216,000 people with a a gross revenue figure of $152.35 billion per year.

Can Employees Receive Pay For Off The Clock Work?

Employers often do not fairly compensate employees for work they are required to do while on breaks or off the clock, especially in the case of employees who must work using various computer based systems that require extensive start-up times.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employees are entitled to receive compensation for work that directly benefits the employer or is required for an employee to do to properly execute their work, whether officially on the clock or not.

Additionally, if an employee must execute any work related duties while on rest or meal breaks throughout the day, they must be compensated for that time as they must be “completely relieved from duty” for ti to qualify as an unpaid period of time.

How Can I Contact An Wage Attorney?

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