Thousands of Workers File Suit Against Chipotle Over Unpaid Overtime

Thousands of Workers File Suit Against Chipotle Over Unpaid Overtime

Chipotle Unpaid OvertimeDENVER — Almost 10,000 current and former employees recently filed a class action unpaid overtime lawsuit against Chipotle claiming the nationwide restaurant chain routinely forces them to stay late at work with no extra pay. Chipotle denies any wrongdoing in the case but could be in for intense litigation with so many workers joining the suit.

Chipotle claims the discrepancies are due to a few bad store managers trying to skirt overtime pay laws in order to meet deadlines and payroll budgets. While the restaurant chain has faced other overtime pay lawsuits, as many large corporate restaurants sometimes do, the scale of the lawsuit is unprecedented for the company.

The heart of the allegations against Chipotle are an all too common theme in many unpaid overtime lawsuits, especially fast food restaurants and retail stores. The timekeeping system used by the company would automatically clock out workers, usually between 11 pm and 12 am and the end of the end.

Unfortunately for the workers, they often had to stay late and coerce others into doing the same in order to make sure the restaurants were ready for opening in the morning. Scores of workers claim they were clocked out while still on the job and robbed of up to five hours of pay per week.

Chipotle Overtime Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Could Be Substantial

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), plaintiffs in wage theft cases can ask for up to three years of back pay if they can successfully prove the defendant knowingly violated federal wage and labor laws. Given the size and scope of the lawsuit, Chipotle could end up paying tens of millions of dollars if their case is not resolved in their favor.

The FLSA also allows plaintiffs to collect much more than their lost wages in a lawsuit. Workers can ask for interest on their wages, liquidated damages equal to their back pay, and recoup attorney’s fees and court costs, depending on the circumstances.

Fast Food Restaurant Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits

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