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Texas Nurse Files Lawsuit for Years of Unpaid Overtime Wages

HOUSTON — A nurse at Memorial Hermann Health System recently filed a federal unpaid overtime wage lawsuit against her employer, as well as Texas Medical Center, Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital, and Memorial Hermann Memorial City.

The plaintiff filed her suit in the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas in late June seeking class action status to recover back overtime pay for herself and any other nurses at hospitals named in the suit.

The plaintiff claims that for several years she worked over 40 hours per week but was not compensated appropriately under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The reason, she says, was because the hospital automatically deducted 30 minutes of work time from her hours for meal periods she claims she spent working.

The suit claims nurses are required to remain on call during their entire shift and therefore are not provided an uninterrupted meal break. As many as 4,000 employees at the hospital chain’s facilities could be eligible for damages if the allegations turn out to be true. The suit asks for back overtime pay, interest on unpaid wages, attorney’s fees, liquidated damages, and any other compensation the court may deem necessary.

Thousands of Hospital Workers Reach Unpaid Overtime Settlement

By coincidence, the plaintiff in this case filed her unpaid overtime lawsuit on the same day thousands of other nurses and hospital workers settled their own lawsuit against Houston Methodist Hospital. Those workers claim they were not paid for their meal breaks despite having to respond to emergency calls, confer with doctors, and any other duties necessary during their shift.

These two cases are just the latest in a series of unpaid meal break lawsuits brought by nurses and hospital staff across the country who claim they were forced to stay on duty during meal breaks. Suits like these often result in multimillion-dollar awards and settlements due to the sheer number of hospital staff working at facilities taking part in these kinds of illegal employment practices.

Hospital Overtime Pay Lawsuits

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