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Taco Bell Franchiser Hit with Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

DETROIT — A group of former Taco Bell employees recently filed a class action unpaid overtime lawsuit against Sundance Inc., a major franchiser that owns over 150 restaurants in the state of Michigan, claiming the defendant violated multiple provisions of federal wage laws. The suit hopes to recover lost wages for Crew Members, shift managers, assistant managers, and general managers across the country who may have been victimized by the defendant’s illegal labor practices.

According to the complaint, the defendant defrauded potentially thousands of workers out of overtime wages by migrating hours from one week to another, ensuring workers would only be paid their regular rate of pay for overtime. The tactic is an all-too-common move used by many unscrupulous employers, particularly in the fast food industry, to keep payroll down and increase profits at the expense of the worker.

Additionally, some plaintiffs claim that their restaurant managers asked them to clock out and continue working, a particularly heinous allegation if true. All workers deserve to be paid all their hard earned wages, not matter whether employers insist the move is ethical to “help the company.” When employers violate the law, wage theft victims can recover not only unpaid wages but interest on that income, penalties, and attorneys’ fees.

Other serious allegations included in the class action unpaid overtime lawsuit include that the defendant intentionally misclassified its managerial staff as overtime exempt when in reality, these plaintiffs performed few duties necessary for exemption under federal wage laws. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), certain types of managers may be paid a weekly salary but these workers must perform duties essential to the company’s operations like hiring, firing, setting pay, and creating work schedules.

Furthermore, the suit alleges many of Taco Bell’s “managers” work between 60 and 80 hours per week, which makes their average hourly rate less than their subordinates. Although the FLSA does allow some workers to earn a salary, the individual’s average hourly wage must be at least equal to the federal minimum wage.

Fast Food Restaurant Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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