San Francisco transit board approves $8 million settlement with muni drivers

San Francisco Transit Board Approves $8 Million Settlement with Muni Drivers

SAN FRANCISCO — The San Francisco Transit Board recently approved a proposed $8 million settlement offer made just a few days ago as as a tentative agreement to help resolve long standing claims over the way the city pays its bus drivers. The drivers’ unpaid overtime lawsuit alleged the city’s mass transit system, Muni, failed to pay drivers all their due wages, particularly overtime, and did not record all of the driver’s hours on the job.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors voted in a closed door session to bring the suit to an amicable conclusion. The suit, filed in federal District Court in the District for Northern California, initially sought a staggering $$395 million to properly compensate wage theft victims for their unpaid overtime.

With the transit board, defendant, and plaintiff all in agreement over the settlement, the next step is for the federal judge overseeing the case to give final judicial approval to the suit. In these types of cases, judges must be the last to sign off to ensure the deal is in the best interest of the plaintiffs.

Hundreds of Muni Drivers Covered by Settlement

Under the terms of the class action overtime pay lawsuit settlement, Muni operators on the job from August 17, 2009, to May 2, 2014 may receive compensation. Furthermore, the defendant released a statement indicating it would clarify its overtime and payroll policies to workers in order to prevent future wage theft allegations, though Muni denied any wrongdoing and was not found liable in court.

Had the court found Muni violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), it could have fined the defendant $50 per day for each violation (per driver), in addition to awarding liquidated damages and other penalties. Reports suggest that payout could have been a monumental $228 million but as both sides eventually came to their senses, the case did not reach that point and the plaintiffs can finally collect on their hard earned pay.

Bus Operator Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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