Rhode Island Firefighters Settle UO Lawsuit With Fire District

Rhode Island Firefighters Settle Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit With Fire District

PROVIDENCE — A group of Rhode Island firefighters recently secured a settlement to resolve an unpaid overtime lawsuit filed against the Lonsdale Fire board over allegations the entity failed to pay emergency responders for all their hours worked. The settlement is a significant victory for the plaintiffs but also helps to settle insolvency issues plaguing the town which seeks to surrender its charter and cease its existence as a municipal entity to allow other local governments and provide public services.

According to their lawsuit, the firefighters claim the town of Lonsdale violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) by failing to pay firefighters one and a half times their regular hourly pay rate for working extra shifts. Furthermore, the complaint alleges that the town failed to provide firefighters with complete and accurate payroll records accounting for all the hours worked and wages earned, as required under the FLSA.

Reports indicate that attorneys for the town of Lonsdale asserted all sorts of creative defenses to why the fire board should not be held liable for the FLSA allegations. Some of those included the claim that any unpaid overtime meant for the firefighters was covered by additional wages the city was not obligated to disperse but did so anyway.

Furthermore, the defendant maintained that the firefighters were exempt from overtime pay laws and the town only needed to pay overtime wages when emergency responders spent more than 53 hours a week on the job. The town claims an agreement with the firefighters limited their wages for “volunteer shifts” to only $11 per hour, far short of the required one and half times regular wages mandated by the FLSA.

Fortunately for the plaintiffs, the town appears to have come to its senses and decided to offer the firefighters a reasonable settlement to resolve the claims and ensure those individuals are paid for all their wages. Sadly, this type of wage theft is all too common among police and fire departments and targets valued members of the community we rely upon in emergency situations.

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